Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2012 Calendar

Calendars, calendars, calendars...the http://www.buduracing.com/ website now has our SingleTrack Cycles West Side MTB Series, Pacific Raceways Road Series and our Multisport events posted. Check it all out, and start planning. Excited for 2012!! So much to do...so little time!! Happy Holidays!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Predictor Race

I won't do this for a lot of races...but I do want to bring up an upcoming race that sounds like it's a lot of fun and is a bit of a twist on the "usual".

Sarah Sandquist at the City of Redmond is trying to bring a few new events to the city and she has contacted BuDu for timing - wise choice, Sarah!  (Sarah also is an "import" into the Pac NW - at about the same time I did - from Chicagoland!)

In a few Saturdays - the 19th to be exact - there is a different type of race.  It's called the Poultry Predictor 4-Mile Race.  It's when you predict your time and try to run the race to match that time.  No watches are allowed on course, no mile markers and the time clock will be turned around at the start/finish. 

Now, playing the devil's advocate, I'm sure there will be people who sneak their watch onto the course - either intentionally or not - and what about phones...are those not allowed?  However...if you go with the spirit of fun - it sounds like a unique twist and encourages anyone and everyone to get out their and move!  You don't have to be fast to win...you just have to know your speed!

Unfortunately I won't be doing the race...and it's not because I can't run 4 miles...no that isn't it....  (...OK...Yes, it is)  It's because I'll be timing it - so I'll see ya then!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The things I love about Western WA...

So last night, after a running event that didn't go as well as I hoped.  (I was a participant and it had no connection to BuDu!) I am going to take a different approach and try to enjoy the world I live in...

As some of you know (but the majority don't) I am an import to the area...I got off the boat last May (2010) and have been learning all about the Pac NW.  I spent the majority of my life in the midwest (Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, a brief foray in Nebraska, Indiana) and did venture a bit South into Kentucky and Tennessee (which some may consider the midwest, while some may not...).  However the weather and terrain was pretty similar in the midwest - terrain: flat; weather: cold in the winter, hot in the summer, with the possibility of having both climates in the same day.

...So...without further ado, my list of why living in Western WA is great...
  • Views of Mt. Rainier are breathtaking and priceless
  • Approx. 100 miles to mountains or to the ocean.  Can practically do anything outdoors here (except surfing...prob don't want to do much surfing in WA...although I'm sure there are those that do!)
  • Mild summers and mild winters.  It isn't regularly above 80 with high humidity during the summer...It isn't usually below freezing during the winter.  (Yes, in the morning it might be...but it doesn't stay there...)
  • I love all the hippy-earthy types in the area..."allows" for convenient/easy recycling and a lot of great little stores and local produce.  (I actually saw a compost bin in the McD's next to the Space Needle...awesome!!)
  • Although Seattle-area doesn't have Stumptown's quantity of microbreweries...there are still a hand full, and access to the microbrews of Portland :-)
  • The tri-season is plentiful!  And lots of local lakes to get an OWS in!
  • Whenever I'm traveling to and from Chicago...I can usually tell which women are from Seattle and which women are from Chicago...women in Chicago do not wear sensible shoes and I have never understood that.  When I've been in Chicago-Chicago I always see many women wearing the most uncomfortable looking heels walking around...But Seattle women prove that you can be both adorable and comfortable!
  • 2-words: Coffee Shacks (nom, nom!!)
  • And last, but not least...although I'm sure I'm forgetting many things - or haven't learned many other perks - BuDu Racing!!
Hope everyone is able to get a good run in today!  It's a beautiful one!

Friday, October 21, 2011

What could be better than a sale on triathlon stuff?!?!

A sale on triathlon stuff AND a free entry to a 2012 event!!!!!

Say what?!?  If you know me...and well...most of you don't...you know I love a sale! So when the lovely folks at WetsuitRental.com contacted Deanna to say, "How can we work together to (1) advertise our sale coming up and (2) encourage triathletes?" We replied, "Well...you could offer to sponsor an entry to a BuDu Racing LLC Multi-Sport Event for 2012!"  They said, "huh?"  We said "A tri...you could pay for someone's entry to a tri... **

So here is the deal:  Go to the sale THIS SUNDAY and mention that you heard about the sale from us - and they will enter you into a drawing to win an entry to one of the BuDu Racing Multi-Sport Events in 2012!  Seriously...it's that easy!

Here are the details about the sale:
WetsuitRental.com is a locally based internet company than rents name brand triathlon wetsuits nationwide.  Our operations have been based out of Kingston, WA for 5 years now.  During the course of business, we've accumulated a large number of used wetsuits we would like to unload to make space for our 2012 inventory. We've also got a large number of triathlon products (FuelBelt, tri-mats, books and DVD's, goggles and caps, etc) that we'd like to clear out as well... We'll be hosting a sale at the former site of Kingston Lumber in our hometown Sunday, October 23 from 11:00-4:00. Look for the yellow building, 10901 HWY 104 across from the Bank of America. The site is a short (albeit all uphill) walk from the Kingston ferry dock. If you bring your receipt for ferry passage, we'll deduct $5 from your purchase. We'll have at least 200 wetsuits with all name brands and sizes represented. Expect some screaming deals because we want it all gone!”

I wish I could go...but I'm doing a trail-ish "run" race with my hubby that morning in Lakewood... :-(  (Using the term "run" is a bit misguided when referring to what I do...)

** This conversation may be dramatized a bit...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Slogans for 2012 Multi-Sport Events???

So the BuDu Racing team is planning for 2012...and we're trying to find a good slogan for 2012.  In my effort to reduce the work that Deanna has to do :-D - I'm opening up the field to suggestions from our followers...so what you got??

2011's slogan - for those of you who didn't see - was "ARE YOU READY to feel this good??"

I'll get the flow started...(and then you can see why I'm not "allowed" to be responsible for this task.)

Have you BuDu'ed today?
Tri-and-tri again...
Finish a triathlon and you'll win.

So leave your ideas here or on FB - we'll pick some of your ideas and then we'll let the public vote. We do have some time, but we'd like to have your submissions by the end of this month...(10/31). Thanks in advance for all of your thoughts and ideas!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Getting off course...

I've timed/worked at a few races where there are multiple events/distances that all start at the same time.  And it has happened more than once that participants have gotten misdirected - completely off of course - or misdirected to the incorrect course.

One young lady was disappointed that she got told to go to the 10K, even though she was supposed to be running a 5K, she told me she should have known because she saw a sign that said 5K in the other direction, but she was listening to the course volunteers.  She realized she should have gone with her first instinct, but then she was ecstatic when I told her her time...her pace was lower than what she was aiming for on the 5K on the 10K!  (My husband might say that indicates over training...)

One of the things that surprised me, as I was looking over USA Triathlon rules, is that the participant is responsible for knowing the course.  I have mixed feelings about this.  On one hand I say "yeah!"  it's not the Race Director's responsibility...and on the other hand I say...That might be quite difficult being a participant - how would you familiarize yourself with the course, so much so - that in the "heat" of the race - you are following the correct path.

Along the same lines...I don't know how many times I've been asked, "Is the course well marked??"  This question gets me every time...because I wonder - how in the world does this person think I know?!?!?  Does he/she think that prior to the event - at say 5 am - all of the course workers run the course??   Or maybe he/she thinks that I personally marked the course...and even if that were the case (which it isn't most likely) - what is their definition on "well"??  Do they need a reminder every 100 feet, yards, every mile, every 5?!!?  And what if it is marked every 100 feet, but it's a tiny orange sticker that most people won't be able to see??  Or maybe...just maybe...the person who marked the course used invisible paint...or what about bread crumbs?  Everyone knows bread crumbs are a good way to mark their path...(Ok, so that is just my cynicism speaking...)

 Unfortunately for the participant, I tell them honestly.  "Unfortunately, I don't really know."  Sometimes I even add, "But I assume so."  But you know what happens when I assume??  I make an a-s-s out of "u".  (...and me...)

ETA (Edited to add):   I am not trying to bad mouth participants or certain race directors...I know these things happen!   I just wish they didn't for both sides of the race!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Friday, October 7, 2011

New USA Triathlon site...

Quick post today...brother and niece (and sister-in-law) are probably hovering around SeaTac right now...  I did want to share that USA Triathlon just updated their site.  I've spent a few minutes looking through their new and old site...there is some interesting info. 

I posted a similar link on FB earlier.  Competitive Rules for USAT event participants.  This link would be good to review if that is all you look at...
"It is important for all athletes competing in USA Triathlon sanctioned events to have a basic understanding of the USA Triathlon Competitive Rules. USA Triathlon has issued a set of rules to maintain consistency and order from race to race across the country, keeping competition safe and fair." - USAT

Every BuDu Racing Tri or Du is USAT sanctioned.  Ignorance may be bliss...but it could also cost you a few minutes due to a penalty...or worse yet a trip to DQ.  :-(   (And I'm not talking about the place where you can get blizzards, dilly bars and ice cream cakes....)

PSA:  I KNOW that BuDu Racing does more than just Tri and Duathlons...but I am more familiar with them.  Cyclists - please chime in with any pertinent info!!  (Including you briderdt!)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Learning html...

Since I have worked with BuDu, I've gotten a little bit more into the "html scene".  It's handy to know a few things when posting things online.  Like how to post an image with a link to a site - or how to just put a link on something! 

<a href="http://www.buduracing.com/" target="_blank"><img src="URL OF IMAGE" alt="This is what people will see if the graphic doesn't load..."></a>

I look at BuDuRacing.com and see a great site.  But I'm always one that looks at something and says, "how can I improve this?"  We have a meeting with Blue Denham  this morning to discuss the site - I'm excited to learn more and to see what all we can do!!  

(FYI - We always welcome suggestions about anything!!!  - - of course we MAY not USE the suggestion...but it's always interesting seeing things from different angles/ point of views!)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

New changes for 2012????

So yesterday we had a teleconference with a potential new registration site.  It seems like it has a lot of great features and no cost increase from the current site.

It's funny because I LOVE changes...probably attributed to my mother...but that is neither here nor there.  However, Deanna...notsomuch a fan of changes.  Which is good...and bad...it brings to mind the recent changes in Facebook.  I read a lot of statuses (statii??) that were complaining about the changes, but I've found that a few of them are nice.  I'm really pretty lazy and really like being able to click on somebody's birthday and a little box pops up and allows me to post to their wall...without actually going to their wall/page.  But I don't like the idea that my friends may know what I search for on the web.  I mean who really wants to share with their friends that they're trying to figure whether they're going to die because they just ate something that expired a year ago...

However, I digress...so it seems like changes may be in store for BuDu Racing LLC participants for 2012!!

Friday, September 30, 2011

The other side of the starting line...

....many would argue that the other side of the start line is the finish line.  HOWEVER!!!  That is not always true, sometimes!!! the start and finish line is different.  But I thought it was a cute/clever title...You can always tell me i'm wrong.  I try to encourage my step-daughter to say "Oh, I got it...it just wasn't funny."


So after some gentle encouraging (and saying, I'll do it!) Deanna let me start a BuDu Racing blog!!  I'm Lisa, you're host for this show.
A little about me:
In a way...I married into this crazy family :-D  My husband (Dave) used to race against/with Rory in the early 80's and 90's.  When I moved half way across the country to be with Dave (funny story - we met on a triathlete website) I was introduced to this couple <enter Deanna and Rory> who started a multi-sport company in the early 2000's.
Fast-forward a year and a few months....
I now work part-time for BuDu Racing LLC  (see!  Deanna!  I didn't forget the LLC!!)  and have enjoyed my first multi-sport season from the other side.