Friday, November 4, 2011

Predictor Race

I won't do this for a lot of races...but I do want to bring up an upcoming race that sounds like it's a lot of fun and is a bit of a twist on the "usual".

Sarah Sandquist at the City of Redmond is trying to bring a few new events to the city and she has contacted BuDu for timing - wise choice, Sarah!  (Sarah also is an "import" into the Pac NW - at about the same time I did - from Chicagoland!)

In a few Saturdays - the 19th to be exact - there is a different type of race.  It's called the Poultry Predictor 4-Mile Race.  It's when you predict your time and try to run the race to match that time.  No watches are allowed on course, no mile markers and the time clock will be turned around at the start/finish. 

Now, playing the devil's advocate, I'm sure there will be people who sneak their watch onto the course - either intentionally or not - and what about phones...are those not allowed?  However...if you go with the spirit of fun - it sounds like a unique twist and encourages anyone and everyone to get out their and move!  You don't have to be fast to just have to know your speed!

Unfortunately I won't be doing the race...and it's not because I can't run 4 that isn't it....  (...OK...Yes, it is)  It's because I'll be timing it - so I'll see ya then!!

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