Friday, September 30, 2011

The other side of the starting line...

....many would argue that the other side of the start line is the finish line.  HOWEVER!!!  That is not always true, sometimes!!! the start and finish line is different.  But I thought it was a cute/clever title...You can always tell me i'm wrong.  I try to encourage my step-daughter to say "Oh, I got just wasn't funny."


So after some gentle encouraging (and saying, I'll do it!) Deanna let me start a BuDu Racing blog!!  I'm Lisa, you're host for this show.
A little about me:
In a way...I married into this crazy family :-D  My husband (Dave) used to race against/with Rory in the early 80's and 90's.  When I moved half way across the country to be with Dave (funny story - we met on a triathlete website) I was introduced to this couple <enter Deanna and Rory> who started a multi-sport company in the early 2000's.
Fast-forward a year and a few months....
I now work part-time for BuDu Racing LLC  (see!  Deanna!  I didn't forget the LLC!!)  and have enjoyed my first multi-sport season from the other side.