Saturday, October 1, 2011

New changes for 2012????

So yesterday we had a teleconference with a potential new registration site.  It seems like it has a lot of great features and no cost increase from the current site.

It's funny because I LOVE changes...probably attributed to my mother...but that is neither here nor there.  However, Deanna...notsomuch a fan of changes.  Which is good...and brings to mind the recent changes in Facebook.  I read a lot of statuses (statii??) that were complaining about the changes, but I've found that a few of them are nice.  I'm really pretty lazy and really like being able to click on somebody's birthday and a little box pops up and allows me to post to their wall...without actually going to their wall/page.  But I don't like the idea that my friends may know what I search for on the web.  I mean who really wants to share with their friends that they're trying to figure whether they're going to die because they just ate something that expired a year ago...

However, I it seems like changes may be in store for BuDu Racing LLC participants for 2012!!


  1. I hope those changes include staggering the start time among the beginner women and the kids. 5-10 minutes could avoid a lot of problems and annoying traffic jams on single-track. This is very discouraging to female racers who are new to racing or who may want to try it. After a few of my female riding buddies heard about how the start for women is at the same time as the kids, they are reluctant to join in.

  2. Thanks for the feedback! It took me a few seconds to realize which event(s) you were talking about - SingleTrack Cycles West Side MTB Series - - got it! The comment has been forwarded to the "appropriate" party (aka Deanna) - we'll see what we can do!

  3. I agree! While the youngsters can beat me to the single track every time, they can't climb and lack trail courtesy. I about impaled one who thought it would be ok to pull onto the trail in front of a racing biker.

    Second thought for the SingleTrack: Close the course when the race begins. No experts warming up by running over the beginners. Other races I watched or participated in had no one but racers on the course-that meant no warm ups on course!

  4. Again - we appreciate the feedback. We also like the comments on our blog!! However, I'd suggest if there was someone who had multiple suggestions - please email
    (That's basically what I do with the suggestions that are posted here...)