Thursday, October 20, 2011

Slogans for 2012 Multi-Sport Events???

So the BuDu Racing team is planning for 2012...and we're trying to find a good slogan for 2012.  In my effort to reduce the work that Deanna has to do :-D - I'm opening up the field to suggestions from our what you got??

2011's slogan - for those of you who didn't see - was "ARE YOU READY to feel this good??"

I'll get the flow started...(and then you can see why I'm not "allowed" to be responsible for this task.)

Have you BuDu'ed today?
Tri-and-tri again...
Finish a triathlon and you'll win.

So leave your ideas here or on FB - we'll pick some of your ideas and then we'll let the public vote. We do have some time, but we'd like to have your submissions by the end of this month...(10/31). Thanks in advance for all of your thoughts and ideas!!

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