Friday, October 7, 2011

New USA Triathlon site...

Quick post and niece (and sister-in-law) are probably hovering around SeaTac right now...  I did want to share that USA Triathlon just updated their site.  I've spent a few minutes looking through their new and old site...there is some interesting info. 

I posted a similar link on FB earlier.  Competitive Rules for USAT event participants.  This link would be good to review if that is all you look at...
"It is important for all athletes competing in USA Triathlon sanctioned events to have a basic understanding of the USA Triathlon Competitive Rules. USA Triathlon has issued a set of rules to maintain consistency and order from race to race across the country, keeping competition safe and fair." - USAT

Every BuDu Racing Tri or Du is USAT sanctioned.  Ignorance may be bliss...but it could also cost you a few minutes due to a penalty...or worse yet a trip to DQ.  :-(   (And I'm not talking about the place where you can get blizzards, dilly bars and ice cream cakes....)

PSA:  I KNOW that BuDu Racing does more than just Tri and Duathlons...but I am more familiar with them.  Cyclists - please chime in with any pertinent info!!  (Including you briderdt!)

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